I remember, back in the day when Quality was more important than looking pretty… well, not really- marketing droids and slack-jawed fools always choose shiny and useless over plain and useful.

take, for example, the links WRT54G router. When I first got it, the firmware was buggy and ugly, but I could use it in lynx, a text browser. no pretty colors or images, just straight text. Using lynx meant I could edit my router config remotely to add/remove ports as I needed them.

well, that day is gone. it’s been gone for a while, but I recent had my hopes dashed again. The last revision of the firmware made the linksys router interface unusable in lynx (and elinks). I was messing with it yesterday when I got fed up and went in search of newer firmware for it- just my luck, I found it. Unfortunately, linksys took this oppertunity to make their interface even MORE useless.
It’s so bad, that I thought I’d include a few screenshots.

screencap of the linksys text interface
Here you can see the base interface I see when I log in- nothing special, but useful.
Below you see what happens when you dig past this pretty facade. this is what happens when I go to the security page.
screencap of the linksys text interface showing only underscores and brackets- no text or labels

This is an EMBARASSMENT in my eyes. Linksys, you should be ashamed. I know this is an embedded device and all, but for crying out loud, could you at least get some competent developers in there? Keep in mind, you’re seeing what a Blind person would hear when they tried to access this with a text reader.

So who do we have to blame for this crappy code?
screencap of the linksys text interface source code showing it's property of another company and not for production use

And I quote, for the visually impaired: “This software should be used as a reference only, and it not intended for production use!”

Someone should tell Linksys that.

so I guess I could either load up an open source firmware binary and hope for the best, or just get a new router. whatever I get, it probably won’t be a linksys. I’m tired of this shit.

UPDATE: as mentioned in the comment below, the firmware version was showing what it was like BEFORE this latest update. this is what it looks like aver reloading the page:

screencap of the linksys text interface showing only underscores and brackets- no text or labels
It makes me want to vomit, seriously.