a question I had in IRC today… anyone want to take a shot?

08:21 < morgajelWork> ok, explain this to me.
08:21 < morgajelWork> I wrote an iptables script that was pretty strict.
08:22 < morgajelWork> it only allows tcp and udp on 53 for dns, and tcp for ssh. and related,established for all
08:22 < morgajelWork> the defauly policy is to drop
08:22 < morgajelWork> when I try to halt this redhat box, it locked up while trying to shut down Named
08:23 < morgajelWork> so I on a fluke change the default policy to ACCEPT
08:23 < morgajelWork> BAM it works
08:23 < morgajelWork> so riddle me this…
08:23 < morgajelWork> WTF is redhat’s /etc/init.d/named doing to lock up like that?

and yes, this is RHEL v3 with the latest updates.