so it sounds like the two new hires are discovering the joy of working for my old company.
poor bastards.

SPX apparently decided to have the christmas party early in december, so I didn’t get a chance to warn them…
here’s what they had to look forward to…

  • dinner at the smithsonian
  • a live band

Oh, but that wasn’t all they got- they also got the following:

  • no actual food.
  • sitting at the kiddie table
  • staring at a tray full of sandwiches that the band got to eat
  • a table from the back room when they realized there weren’t enough seats.
  • no more glasses of water once the bar closed.

SPX has never really been a class act, but something you’d think they’d at least be competent enough to get a proper headcount for the entrees and make sure therewas a plate or two extra just in case- hard to believe they skimped on food when they rented the damn air and space museum to host it.