This started with a comment from my friend Shedao about putting a life ban on slashdot. I’ve been reading slashdot since 2000 or so. I’ve seen the ups and downs. I listened to geeks in space and cheered when katz went away.

So why am I deciding to leave slashdot? Because of Beatle Beatle, the submission spammer. You see, slashdot has a lot of power in the google pagerank system because of it’s size, links and traffic. There is a new breed of spammers that are submitting articles to slashdot and having their link increase the pagerank of their spam sites. What it all amounts to is slashdot helping spammers. There are several courses of action they could take, and so far they haven’t done anything.

That said, my new time-wasting site is slashdot is out of my rss feed, and digg is in.

Goodbye Slashdot. it’s been fun.