a coworker from my last job just told me the following (names changed to protect the moronic):

13:06 [ shaldannon] sooo
13:07 [ shaldannon] Bill got assigned to relocate a link to a form from one page to another
13:07 [ shaldannon] the "SPX Invention Disclosure Form"
13:08 [ shaldannon] JK asked Bill to alphabetize it under 'I' for 'Invention ...' rather than under 'S'
13:08 [ shaldannon] thing is....it'
13:08 [ shaldannon] it's the only link on the page
13:08 [ shaldannon] how do you realphabetize a single item???
13:09 [ shaldannon] and Chris B. replied to the email with the summation, "Good idea"
13:09 * shaldannon shoots himself