oh, Lotus Notes, how I hate thee. you make me happy that the place I’m working
at is replacing you with exchange. wait, I’m happy to use a microsoft product? why yes, lotus notes is really that bad- It’s a festering piece of crap.

Here’a s brief breakdown of why I hate lotus notes:


  • Written in java, but not cross platform
  • Closed source (Hello, IBM? I thought you liked open source!)

Windows Client

  • Can’t search doesn’t clearly paginate, or show what page you’re currently on when you have a lot of emails
  • can’t select multiple messages to mark them as read
  • super slow, written in java
  • Dependent on windows client for certain features (accepting calendar invitations, syncing my blackberry, etc.)
  • no right click to mark a message as read
  • 0

web client

  • clumsy
  • java applets for controls
  • no close button when viewing an email to get back to the inbox
    reply button is not “automatic”- you have to use the menu
  • not certified to work with this browser(firefox).
  • no timestamp on WHEN emails came in, just dates.
  • Where is the Forward button in the main screen? you have to open an email to forward it.
  • crashes firefox while doing research for this article while I had 16 tabs open.
    • crashes on calendar app
    • crashes on rich text

I’m sure I’ll find more reasons- as I identify them, I’ll add them below.