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Rage, Pt. 2

so, you might have noticed my site has been acting oddly the last few weeks- I’ve found a bug with mod_rewrite in my current setup. I’m not sure what or how or why it changed, I just know that sometime between Nov. 10th and 16th, mod_rewrite stopped allowing implicit redirects that wordpress uses. I’ve since modified the .htaccess file to use explicit redirects, but it’s ugly as hell.
until I figure out wtf is going on, that’ll have to work for now.

gentoo forums thread about my problem:

Lotus Notes

oh, Lotus Notes, how I hate thee. you make me happy that the place I’m working
at is replacing you with exchange. wait, I’m happy to use a microsoft product? why yes, lotus notes is really that bad- It’s a festering piece of crap.

Here’a s brief breakdown of why I hate lotus notes:


  • Written in java, but not cross platform
  • Closed source (Hello, IBM? I thought you liked open source!)

Windows Client

  • Can’t search doesn’t clearly paginate, or show what page you’re currently on when you have a lot of emails
  • can’t select multiple messages to mark them as read
  • super slow, written in java
  • Dependent on windows client for certain features (accepting calendar invitations, syncing my blackberry, etc.)
  • no right click to mark a message as read
  • 0

web client

  • clumsy
  • java applets for controls
  • no close button when viewing an email to get back to the inbox
    reply button is not “automatic”- you have to use the menu
  • not certified to work with this browser(firefox).
  • no timestamp on WHEN emails came in, just dates.
  • Where is the Forward button in the main screen? you have to open an email to forward it.
  • crashes firefox while doing research for this article while I had 16 tabs open.
    • crashes on calendar app
    • crashes on rich text

I’m sure I’ll find more reasons- as I identify them, I’ll add them below.


nothing inspires rage more than spending 30 minutes on a wordpress article only to have firefox crash when you press the left arrow key.
I’ll write my lotus notes rant later.


One of my side projects this past year was developing a “Radio Show” program to track and display info about songs currently playing on my stream. I’ve taken the last few months off, but now I’m back on track.

Unfortunately the stream is not available to the public (You can thank the RIAA for that bit of bullshit).

If you have any comments, feel free to add them to my bugtracker:

I gotta patch up a few bugs, rework how schedules are handled then optimize the actual file. Interesting side note here- I was right about load- once the system gets a certain number of entries, it becomes bogged down under it’s own weight. I’m gonna have to heavily optimize some of my sql queries to get this ready for a production environment.

Once that’s done, I’ll open it up and offer it up for licensing.

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