You know what I’d like to see?

Someone plop down a series of books aimed at introducing a user or Sys admin of a particular Linux Distribution to another Distribution; for example “Administrating Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 for Debian Administrators” or “Using Suse for Gentoo Users” .

Hell, they don’t even have to be big books- maybe 200-600 pages. Ebooks would probably be the way to go since it will probably not sell a whole lot of copies.

I say this because there is a giant disconnect between users of different distributions. As a Gentoo and Debian users, I’ve noticed the hatred between these two groups- if someone in the #debian channel finds out I also use gentoo, I’m pretty much mocked and ignored. If you’re used to using one set of tools, there’s no guide to give you a work-alike.

This complaint comes from the fact that I’m using Redhat at my new job, and Redhat is considered a “Beginners” distribution by a lot of people- including authors. If you’re already fairly competent with Linux, do you really need a walkthrough of basic utilities? I’ve configured samba a hundred times, and you’re showing me the exact same thing- I want to know if you’re doing anything DIFFERENT.

You know what? That’s it. I’ll add it to my Lotto List– “Publish series of books called Diff: admining X for Y admins”