I wrote this script a while back, thought I’d share with the gentlemen in #asp. It works great if you’re on a *nix box. It shows who has tried to !search, as well as how many times they tried it.



#the keyword
grep “!search” $LOGFILE | \

# remove the baiters and regulars- they know the score.
grep -iv ‘k_f\|subnet\|morg\|pytte\|Crusher\|lanshark\|carlsb\|dev.nu\|LlamaHerder’ | \
grep -iv ‘James_But\|vp.bofh\|mylo\|shedao\|ram\|phool\|bebez\|rochess\|maestro’ | \

#make sure we don’t accidentally get the topic
grep -iv ‘Topic for’ | \

#remove all th text before and after their nickname
sed -e ‘s/[^< ]*.*//’| \

#sort, unique, and list the count.
sort|uniq -c