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Can’t say they didn’t give me Nothing

So I woke up at 2:30am with severe back pain- the stabbing kind that makes it so you can’t breathe unless you sit/stand up. When THEY WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED hired me, they brought me down from Michigan and paid to have our stuff moved. Long story short, their movers of choice were incompetent, and it ended up taking a month to get my bed. Since we were dead broke, I couldn’t afford a spare, and the cats kept popping the air mattress. Nothing worse for your back than sleeping on the floor or an under-inflated air mattress.

Anyways, by the time I finally got my bed back, my back was horribly messed up. Pretty much every other night since then I wake up with back pain or sleep poorly because of it. We’re not quite in the position to be able to afford a new bed, but it’s definitely on the list.

Tonight was really bad. :/

Linux Books for Linux Users

You know what I’d like to see?

Someone plop down a series of books aimed at introducing a user or Sys admin of a particular Linux Distribution to another Distribution; for example “Administrating Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 for Debian Administrators” or “Using Suse for Gentoo Users” .

Hell, they don’t even have to be big books- maybe 200-600 pages. Ebooks would probably be the way to go since it will probably not sell a whole lot of copies.

I say this because there is a giant disconnect between users of different distributions. As a Gentoo and Debian users, I’ve noticed the hatred between these two groups- if someone in the #debian channel finds out I also use gentoo, I’m pretty much mocked and ignored. If you’re used to using one set of tools, there’s no guide to give you a work-alike.

This complaint comes from the fact that I’m using Redhat at my new job, and Redhat is considered a “Beginners” distribution by a lot of people- including authors. If you’re already fairly competent with Linux, do you really need a walkthrough of basic utilities? I’ve configured samba a hundred times, and you’re showing me the exact same thing- I want to know if you’re doing anything DIFFERENT.

You know what? That’s it. I’ll add it to my Lotto List– “Publish series of books called Diff: admining X for Y admins”

Calling all Cars…

So in order to keep this job, I have to be cleared for a position of public trust. This means I have to document

  • Every Place I’ve lived in the last 7 years
  • Every Place I’ve workd in the last 7 years
  • A Contact for each one of the above
  • 3 people who know me well.

So if I start asking weird questions, and you get calls from the Feds, don’t freak out- I’m not going to jail- it’s just clearance. As far as I know, I won’t have any secret information on UFOs or anything and that fact that I’m getting this isn’t secret to my knowledge- they’re just making sure I’m not a nutcase.


So I had my first head-butting with Redhat Enterprise today.
I thought I’d give it the run through, try to do things the RH way while building my command center. Since Dell gives away Advanced Server disc packs like candy, there were a few laying around.

Went through the trouble of installing RHEL AS v3 only to find out that it not only doesn’t come with yum, but to register properly with their up2date network, it’ll cost $1500. Yes, $1500 to update this newly installed RH box.

Holy crap. I only have one thing to say to that….

I have 34 minutes before the debian netinstall disc finished downloading.


real quick mention of – it’s a social bookmarking system- see a page you like? don’t like managing your bookmarks? check delicious out. you can see your friends bookmarks as well- so if someone has a page that you find useful bookmarked, you can check to see if they have any related bookmarks.

I like it for the fact that I move from computer to computer a lot and my bookmarks needs to be portable.
Here’s my list.

First Day

So I start my new job today, and I wanted to share an epiphany with you all that I had over the weekend.

I never
have to see kudla

(don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense- it will to very few people)


So jackie finally got around to putting her recipe book into tellico, a collection manager. Now she can export it to HTML and share it with everyone so she doesn’t have to keep ripping a file to CD and handing it to people.

The tellico db is gone, replaced with


well, almost. A few years back I had just finished working on a multi-threaded matrix multiplication project for a class, and jumping between that and bash scripting, which I was fairly new to at the time. I asked the following question in the #asp channel when I bounced back to writing ASP:

(morganj): 0 is false and 1 is true, correct?
(alec_eso): 1, morganj 
(morganj): bastard.

This quote made it’s way to where it was in the top 25 highest rated quotes for a long time. Alec_eso recently informed me that it had made it into wikipedia under the boolean talk page.

Made me feel sorta proud.

Wall of Lamers

I wrote this script a while back, thought I’d share with the gentlemen in #asp. It works great if you’re on a *nix box. It shows who has tried to !search, as well as how many times they tried it.



#the keyword
grep “!search” $LOGFILE | \

# remove the baiters and regulars- they know the score.
grep -iv ‘k_f\|subnet\|morg\|pytte\|Crusher\|lanshark\|carlsb\|\|LlamaHerder’ | \
grep -iv ‘James_But\|vp.bofh\|mylo\|shedao\|ram\|phool\|bebez\|rochess\|maestro’ | \

#make sure we don’t accidentally get the topic
grep -iv ‘Topic for’ | \

#remove all th text before and after their nickname
sed -e ‘s/[^< ]*.*//’| \

#sort, unique, and list the count.
sort|uniq -c

Another IRC Porn Loser

Sometimes I really enjoy IRC a bit too much. you see, I spend a lot of time in the #asp channel, which at one point was a good place to talk about Active Server Pages. ASP is now pretty much dead, and the channel is a plain old (and rather vicious) chat channel.

The problem is, on another network, #asp stands for, so people come in all the time looking for porn passwords. To make this annoyance a little more entertaining, we have a bot that responds to !search by telling people to press alt-z to get “the list”. The thing is, alt-z closes the window with a part message. to add insult to injury, the bot messages anyone parting that their results can be found at a tinyurl redirect page…. instead of a list of porn passwords, it sends them to an incredibly repulsive picture named “tubgirl”. You really don’t want to see, and it’s not safe for work… or humanity in general.

Anyways, here’s a snippet of the latest genius to show up.
I’ll give a running commentary as we go.

* nnnnnnnn (~mmmmmm@ has joined #asp
[nnnnnnnn] search bangbus
[dev_null] nnnnnnnn try !search [search string]
[LLAMAHERDER] !search [search string]
[Crusher_] Your search returned more than 10 results. Press alt+z to view results in a separate window.
[nnnnnnnn] im not stupid
[VP|bofh] I beg to differ
* nnnnnnnn has quit (Quit)
[LLAMAHERDER] Then you should know better.
[dev_null] if you are not stupid what are you going looking for passwords in GOD DAMN PROGRAMMING CHANNEL YOU DUMBASS
[LLAMAHERDER] Well he was smart enough to leave before he was the target of many jokes.
[morgajelWork] LLAMAHERDER: we can only hope he gets to see tubgirl
[dev_null] HE WILL
[VP|bofh] that’s ok
[VP|bofh] I told him not to come back again
[dev_null] haha
* nnnnnnnn (~mmmmmm@ has joined #asp
[nnnnnnnn] search! bangbus
* Crusher- (~no@ has joined #asp
[nnnnnnnn] search! bangbus
[nnnnnnnn] search! bangbus
[nnnnnnnn] !ping
[Pytte] nnnnnnnn, your ping is 1.281 secs.
[nnnnnnnn] search! bangbus
[morgajelWork] stupid
[morgajelWork] !search bangbus
[Crusher_] Your search returned more than 10 results. Press alt+z to view results in a separate window.
[nnnnnnnn] stupid ur ass!
* nnnnnnnn (~mmmmmm@ has left #asp
[morgajelWork] haha

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