So I caught an episode of “My Name is Earl” the other day, starring Jason Lee, of Mallrats and Dogma fame.
He plays a grungy scum of the earth type that has an epiphany that every time he does something bad to someone, something bad happens to him. He decides to make a list of the things he’s done bad, and right the wrongs.

I saw the second episode of the series, where his friends convinced him to apologize to a friend of his who went to prison for a crime earl comitted. The problem? The friend is a psychotic. The show had it’s plot twists and was scattered here and there a bit, but was overall very enjoyable.

I’m not much for sit-coms, but I honestly liked this one. Jason Lee was a believable loser, and I’ve known people like the guy he was playing. He’ll carry the show, and was perfectly cast. I’d give it an 8/10.