So, Today we did the the rest of the training, which was just a big Q&A.
Whether or not this is the right choice of software, I’ve given up caring- I’m not in a position to make the decision, and the decision will be made for political, not technical reasons which I will have no effect on. So I’ve quit agonizing about it. You could say, I suppose, [meme] I don’t care.[/meme]

Anyways, what did I learn today?

  • Will *probably* run on debian. they’re gonna do some testing to make sure, which made me happy.
  • Has both a database we can query as well as web services we can pull data from.
  • The company making the software groks opensource
  • Their technical guy was able to answer all of my questions, and was able to think on his feet. their sales guy knew what atomic meant in the context of a database
  • They refer to a collection of data as a document. Whenever they’re babbling about document transfers, once I realize mentally regex “data” in there it all makes sense. I think “document” is just marketspeek

I guess only the future will tell if this will be good software to use or not.